Technology: Apps of the Week

Originally published by, Friday 5th July, 2013. To read the original, please click here

More apps than you shake a smartphone at.

and we’re feeling very appy. Geddit? Some new apps for you to download and play with over the weekend.


On the week of its first anniversary of going live in Ireland, Hailo, the taxi app that is used by over 4,000 Joe Maxis in Dublin alone, has launched its Cork version this week, which will be used by over 200 taxis in Cork.

For this weekend only, Hailo are offering free taxi fares for Corkonians. All first time users of Hailo in Cork can get €10 off their first fare. Just download Hailo on your iPhone or Android, register an account with a credit or debit card, and add the promocode CORK01 to your account. To use your voucher, just choose ‘Pay With Card’ when hailing your cab. The voucher will be valid until midnight Sunday July 7th.

City- Socializer

This app is perfect for anyone going on weekend trips around Europe or city hopping over the summer. No matter what city you are in the world, City-Socializer is a social network that allows you to tap into any scene based on your own personal interests and hobbies. So if everyone is still hung-over from the night before and you’re itching to get to the galleries or to find a good place for the hair of the dog, City-Socializer will put you in contact with those in the know. A uniquely 21st century way of making friends and influencing people.


Pivo is the app that we’ve all been waiting for our whole lives: the app that allows you to order a beer in a staggering 59 different languages – from German and French to Zulu and Catalan – through video tutorials. You can even order a beer in Arabic; try it and let us know if you get a beer in the end.

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