In this week’s Irish Post…Five Contemporary Irish Poets Everyone Should Read

“There was a sunlit absence”: In this week’s Irish Post, I look at five contemporary poets whom everyone should read.

WHEN the Nobel committee awarded the late, great Seamus Heaney the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995, the Derry poet’s extraordinary success and global reputation cast a huge shadow over contemporary Irish poetry.

Almost a month on from the sudden and untimely passing of Seamus Heaney, I take a look at five contemporary Irish poets whom anyone remotely interested in contemporary Irish literature should read.

I have profiled poets who, in my opinion, have the potential to connect with new readers in much the same way that the great Derry bard did over a period of almost five decades.

The list includes a mix of poets who have been contemporaries of Heaney’s throughout those decades, as well as young, experienced poets with almost a half- dozen collections of poems to their names, which would stand up on the International stage with the work of the most accomplished poets currently writing in the English language.

For more, pick up this week’s Irish Post: available from Wednesday in Britain and Thursday in Ireland.

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