When Bob Dylan Met Manny Pacquiao

Originally published by Entertainment Ireland on Thursday 20th March, 2014. To read the original, please click here

Hurricane: Music legend Bob Dylan visited LA’s Wild Card Gym to meet Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao

So what exactly would anyone do if music legend Bob Dylan showed up at their place of work?

Such was the dilemma for eight- division title holding boxer Manny Pacquiao, according to a report from Rolling Stone.

The Filipino welterweight was sparring in trainer Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Gym in LA- where our very own Bernard Dunne once trained- ahead of his April 12th bout against Timothy Bradley when ‘Hurricane’ legend and longtime boxing fan Dylan strolled into the gym.

“He called ahead and showed up with a friend,” says Fred Sternburg, a spokesperson for Pacquiao who spoke to Rolling Stone. “I’ve never seen the place take an aura like this, and I’ve been going to that gym for nearly a decade. We were all awestruck.”

Sternburg continues: “Manny sparred eight different rounds with two different fighters while Dylan was there,” says Sternburg. “He stayed for an hour and sat on a bench that you’d use to lift weights. Before and after the sparring, Dylan posed for photographs with anyone that asked and signed autographs. Some of the other fighters took selfies with him. He accommodated everybody and smiled the whole time. But, my God, it was Bob Dylan. It was like seeing one of the apostles.”

Meanwhile, Irish music fans can expect a visit from Dylan on Tuesday 17th June, when the great man plays Dublin’s O2.

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