Huawei Consumer Business Group

When I joined Huawei on a six-month fixed term contract, Philip could not have been more welcoming towards me nor could he have been more helpful towards me. Philip spent a great deal of time and effort in updating me and communicating to me the status and complexity of the tasks that I had to complete for the implementation of the IT infrastructure at Huawei Mobile Services’ Dublin offices.

On a daily basis, I saw Philip use his unique skill set in leadership, business operations management, project management, business analysis, business development, marketing and communications, vendor management, stakeholder management, and team-building to name only a few.

It was a pleasure to work with Philip, because not only did I learn a lot from Philip, and not only was he generous with his knowledge sharing, but, most of all, Philip is one of the most honest, decent, down-to-earth and approachable managers that I have ever met in an office environment. Philip is a people person first and foremost and his unique and wide-ranging skill set comes after that.

Not only did Philip show great qualities and enthusiasm in his day-to-day role as Business Operations Manager, but he was also very involved in creating a culture within the Dublin office of Huawei Mobile Services, and he was very heavily involved in setting up social activities and initiatives for team building and team bonding.

I would recommend Philip to any hiring manager, any recruiter, or any company seeking a hard-working, people orientated Business Operations Manager with a unique and versatile skill set in leadership, business operations management, project management, business analysis, business development, marketing and communications, vendor management, stakeholder management, and team-building to name only a few. I cannot recommend Philip highly enough.

Chunzhe Zhou
IT Engineer at Huawei Consumer Business Group
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Future Finance Loan Corporation

In working with Philip, I have found him to be a pleasure to work with: he’s professional, hard working and brings plenty of enthusiasm and passion to any task or project on which he is working.

I collaborated with Philip whenever he was working on marketing collateral for campaigns, advertorial articles for publication in print and online publications, email marketing campaigns, and when he was working on any marketing content that required an FCA compliance check and final approval from me.

I would highly recommend Philip for any roles that require:
• a passionate marketer with a flair for content creation and strategy;
• an excellent communicator with a proven ability to work cross-functionally with multiple stakeholders;
• a driven, results and solutions-orientated team player;
• an intelligent, professional-at-all-times individual.

Amer Bhatti
Director of Compliance at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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Myself and Philip were colleagues at Future Finance during a sharp growth phase in operations there. Philip was a very engaging colleague that always made work seem like a better place to be.

We interacted on a number of projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending Philip and as great addition to any team.

Eoin Clarke
Associate Director of Legal at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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I have found Philip to be highly engaging and diligent while working at Future Finance. His charismatic personality affords an effortlessness and ease to tasks I’ve worked with him on. He has been of particular help in converting a BI solution to something that can be communicated with great efficacy, a keen sense of the target market. Creating an interesting yet entertaining infographic that conveys the right message with the right tone.

I have found Philip to be a creative thinker and possess a can-do, self-starter attitude. Philip is a pleasure to work with and I can see him making great strides as he progresses with his career in marketing.

Patrick Collins
Associate Data Scientist at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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While I was working in Future Finance, I found Philip to be an excellent communicator, an employee fully comfortable and engaged while working cross-functionally with stakeholders from other departments across the company, and a charismatic individual with a talent for securing buy-in from key members from other departments in the company for the purpose of marketing projects and initiatives for Future Finance’s inbound marketing activity.

Philip has been particularly influential in redeveloping the automated communications that Future Finance borrowers receive from the operations department via the IT department. Demonstrating a clear flair for content and communications, Philip developed the company’s tone of voice style guide and redeveloped the layout and design of our 100+ email templates for the purposes of keeping our communications consistent, better managing our relationships with borrowers, and using best practice guidelines from other brands whose target market is, like Future Finance, that of millennials. Philip has also been key in developing Future Finance’s video content for the purposes of informing customers and potential leads as to how Future Finance student loans work and to inform our target market about the application process.

As a marketer with a creative, think-outside-the-box mindset, a talent for finding the answers in data, and as an employee who contributed greatly to the office culture in Future Finance, I have found Philip to be a pleasure to work with during my time in Future Finance. I have no doubt that Philip will make great strides in his career as a marketer as his passion for marketing and communications is palpable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Philip to any employer seeking a marketer with a flair for content and communications.

Ian Levine
Operations Analyst at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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During our time in Future Finance, I have found Philip to be highly engaging, diligent and an excellent communicator. Philip has been of particular help to the IT department in developing copy and content for the redesign of Future Finance’s desktop and mobile sites, and he had an immediate sense of Future Finance’s target market.

As Product Owner in Future Finance, and with Philip’s knowledge of agile project management, it was easy for me to communicate to Philip how IT estimated the complexity and priority of marketing tasks and story points and how and why I assigned the level of precedence that I did on marketing tasks that Philip flagged with IT.

A pleasure to work with, I would recommend Philip for any roles that require a marketer with a great sense of target market, UX and customer journey, agile project management and content and communications.

Brian McCabe
Product Owner at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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Personable, diligent, hard-working, and a motivated self-starter are the phrases that come to mind when I think of Philip.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Philip since he undertook employment in Future Finance during August 2015. During this time, I often assisted Philip in generating customer contacts for marketing competitions, promotions and campaigns; contacting customers for marketing purposes, such as surveys and mailing lists; given updates to Philip on the status of borrowers’ loans, and, often, on a day-to-day basis, consulted with Philip on operations data for the purpose of preparing marketing materials for the marketing operation of the company.

Above all, I was impressed with Philip’s ability to clearly and efficiently communicate and illustrate how marketing is functioning on a day-to-day basis and his ability to find the story in the numbers and craft content around that story. And, of course, Philip’s remarkable generosity with his time and his knowledge of his chosen field.

Philip would be a true asset for any positions requiring a diligent, hard worker with a phenomenal work ethic who has the knowledge and ability to analyse marketing reports and craft content to market via social media, blogging, e-marketing and branding on physical marketing materials, and any roles requiring a personable individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

I have no hesitation in recommending Philip to any employer, and he comes with my highest and my most sincere recommendation.

Shane O’Neill
Operations Analyst at Future Finance Loan Corporation Ltd.
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An excellent writer, always on deadline with publishable copy and a thorough gentleman to boot. I couldn’t recommend Philip highly enough.

John Balfe
Music Editor at Entertainment.ie
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I’ve always found Philip to be hard working, diligent, punctual and consistently innovative in his approach. Philip worked well within a team dynamic but more than capable of working independently on his own initiative. Results driven and target focused, Philip excelled under pressure and always delivered when it counted. Phil will excel in whatever he applies himself to and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

David Keegan
Former Account Manager at Entertainment.ie and currently CEO of First Fortnight
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Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Digital Technology, Design and Innovation (Elective: Project Management and Marketing) 

Throughout the academic year during our studies in DIT toward a B.Sc in Digital Digital Technology, Design and Innovation (Elective: Marketing and Project Management), Philip and I worked together in close collaboration as Product Owner and Scrum Master, respectively, across two semesters and two teams comprising of students undertaking each of the three streams on the course: Marketing and Project Management; Coding; Design.

During weekly seminars in DIT Kevin Street, daily scrums with the team, online team meetings via Google Hangouts and planning and implementation meetings in DIT Kevin Street, Philip proved himself to be a highly organised, hard-working individual with excellent communication and leadership skills. He continually demonstrated excellent technical and organisational abilities with the many digital applications that we utilised during the course: Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slack, Trello and JIRA. He was also generous with his knowledge, experience and research around the latest, best practices in project management and marketing and he would regularly communicate research findings, such as reports, articles, infographics and video tutorials, with other team members.

Above all, I was impressed with Philip’s ability to clearly and efficiently communicate project requirements, project scope and risk to the team during sprint planning meetings. Not forgetting, of course, Philip’s fantastic sense of humour and his camaraderie, which facilitated harmonious group relations and knitted the teams together quite quickly. Whenever morale within the team dipped, Philip picked up his fellow students through good days and bad days. The dynamics within the teams would not have been as harmonious without Philip’s personable manner and his excellent people management skills.

As a project manager and a marketer, Philip would be a true asset for any employer requiring a hard-working, self-starter with a phenomenal work ethic, excellent communication skills and natural leadership skills who can manage and service relationships within teams as well as with superiors, such as our tutors and mentors on the course.

I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Philip to any employer and he comes with my highest, most sincere recommendation.

David Kirwan
Student on the Marketing and Project Management stream
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Responsive Web Design, Development, Content and Marketing for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

I commissioned Philip to design, develop and market a website for my professional portfolio and to improve the visibility of my profile, online, as a writer and publisher.

After approaching several agencies to pitch for my business, Philip successfully pitched to me and, shortly after winning the commission, he furnished me with a Gantt chart that detailed the timeline for the project delivery of the website, which Philip completed over a period of two weeks.

As part of this package, Philip also furnished me with two, detailed PowerPoint decks: one that advised me on how I could best maximize engagement with leads for new business and increase the visibility of my profile, online; a second that was a fully comprehensive, how-to manual on how to use and update the back the backend of my WordPress website, which I have since found to be easier and more straightforward than I first envisioned.

Throughout the entire process – before, during, and after delivery – I found Philip to be a highly reliable, consummate professional. He is hugely engaging, highly skilled, very diligent, charismatic and particularly brilliant at explaining digital/online terminology and strategic ideas that would be otherwise incomprehensive to me, personally. I also found Philip to be particularly proactive at keeping me up to speed on the progress of the creation of the website and showing me best practice examples of portfolio sites.

Philip is reliable and possesses a great attitude towards his work, he is a true professional, and I would highly recommend his service to anyone wishing to create an online portfolio of work to showcase to potential clients and generate leads. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Kieran Furey
Poet and Publisher
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The Irish Post

Philip produced creative and quality work, often to tight deadlines, and is particularly knowledgeable about the subjects he is passionate about.

Steve Cummins
Digital and Entertainment Editor of the Irish Post
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